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Grey's Anatomy stars and the Tillery Park floorplan we would choose for them by Ivey Homes.

April 7, 2024

12 TV Show Characters We Love & The Tillery Park Floor Plans We Would Choose for Them (Part 4)

Nothing is more fun than picking out the perfect home for the people you love, even when those people are fictional! Today, we're imagining filling one of Ivey Homes newest and fastest growing neighborhoods in the up-and-coming subdivisions of Grovetown, Georgia with all our favorite TV show families and characters. 

SPOILER ALERT: if you haven't seen the entire series for the shows we mention, please consider yourself forewarned that our home plan choices may contain plot spoilers about the fates of your favorites, too!

 ☝️ First things first: every floor plan in this blog is available on our 60s home sites in Tillery Park in Grovetown, GA. Each home plan is customizable to suit your needs and we hope the selections we made for our favorite characters will inspire you to DREAM BIG and act fast to make your move on a Tillery Park plan today! 

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Joyce Byers is the coolest mom on television, so the Maplewood plan by Ivey Homes is the perfect fit for her and her quirky family. The Maplewood plan is available in the Tillery Park community by Ivey Homes in Grovetown GA.

Ivey Homes Maplewood Plan- Nothing Strange About Joyce Byers in The Maplewood (Stranger Things)

It’s oddly satisfying to imagine this floor plan with the signature Stranger Things dark retro 80s aesthetic, isn’t it? The Christmas lights scene in the Maplewood flex room: we’d rewatch that over and over. Beyond aesthetics, we believe in this plan’s perfection for the Byer family the way Joyce always believes in her eery mother’s intuition. And just like Joyce, the Maplewood is not to be underestimated. With a spacious open floor plan on the main floor, you might be surprised that even with the kitchen, café, pantry, extensive cabinetry, a flex room, foyer and a large family room, there’s STILL enough space for the owner suite on the first floor too. Joyce Byer and the Ivey Homes Maplewood plan: they contain multitudes.

What we love about Joyce most- she never quits- definitely needs to be mirrored in a home that can handle everything the Byer family will throw at it. And that is bound to be a lot with a full house of teenagers.  Upstairs you’ll find four additional large bedrooms, a loft, and two full baths (a Jack-and-Jack for the boys and a private bath for Eleven), to keep all those teens tucked away and keep mom a little saner. Lastly, this plan is not complete without that crucial 5th Maplewood bedroom: where else would Will and his friends meet up weekly to play Dungeons and Dragons?

Check out the Maplewood plan here.

Grey's Anatomy characters Meredith Grey, Izzie Stevens, and George O'Malley would be in roommate heaven in the Glendale plan by Ivey Homes, available in one of Ivey's largest communities, Tillery Park.
Ivey Homes Glendale Plan- Three is Not a Crowd for our favorite MDs- Meredith, Izzie, and George- in the Glendale (Grey's Anatomy) 

The Glendale plan makes the perfect home for the initially reluctant-to-roomies homeowner Meredith Grey. Since Meredith isn't huge on sharing her space, The Glendale's ideal for maintaining her independence and control. We think the large owner suite on the ground floor would help her retain the sense of ownership she needs over the shared spaces on the main level of the home. She even has dibs on the laundry room given its proximity to her own large bedroom downstairs.

The Glendale's customization options upstairs are virtually endless, and she'd probably go with second floor plan that creates an additional two full bathrooms upstairs. Two full baths means her roomies won't fight over shower-sharing between shifts. Izzie would get the spacious second bedroom upstairs because of the massive closet attached to it in the 4-bathroom floor plan option. We think this trio would make the fourth bedroom upstairs into a medical lounge complete with all the medical volumes they need to study and all the cozy couches they need to fall asleep while studying on their rare days away from hospital.

Check out the Glendale plan here.

Spencer Reid from TV Show Criminal Minds is the perfect candidate for the Essington II floor plan by Ivey Homes. This floor plan is available in Tillery Park.
Ivey Homes Essington II Plan- Brilliant Minds like Spencer Reid Belong in the Essington II (Criminal Minds)

First, the Essington II plan has almost as many bedroom options as Spencer has nicknames. In other words, it's got a lot going for it. Spence would take the Essington's Home Management Center to a whole new level. With a hot coffee in hand, we think he could probably figure out how to run the whole BAU from this handy space just off the kitchen. Crossing our fingers he puts all that generous counter space to its best use by installing an old-world Italian espresso machine to support his coffee habit. As far as his habits go, it goes without question that Reid would convert (at least) one of the upstairs bedrooms into a quiet library and study. We're not sure if he would move Diana into one of the other 4 upstairs bedrooms, but we could definitely see him feeling more peace of mind knowing she's safe and well cared for in the comforting atmosphere of the Essington.

He'd capitalize on that atmosphere with impeccable art throughout the flowing open concept floorplan downstairs. Given his penchant for visual memory, we imagine his walls full of artful mementos that remind him of the moments that moved him the most- perhaps a framed copy of one of the poems his mother read to him? And yes, we know, Spencer isn't the most "moved" of guys, but we see his deep care for others underneath his more analytical exterior. Like Reid, The Essington II's many elevation options are equally formidable, but inside you find more than enough space for every member of the family to feel safe and settle in for moments of both privacy and togetherness.

Check out the Essington II plan here.

There's something for everyone in Tillery Park by Ivey Homes, a community that shines as bright as its beautifully lit main entrance sign that welcomes visitors and homeowners to the Tillery Park neighborhood community.

Something for Everyone in Tillery Park by Ivey Homes

From move-in ready homes available now to new home sites awaiting your creative customizations, we've got something for everyone's tastes and timelines in Tillery Park

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