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In today’s home buying environment, you, the consumer, have many choices. Some things are easier to spot than others. Curb appeal, design selections, and square footage all come to mind.

Getting to know your builder is tougher, because many builders use marketing statements that you like, but is that really who they are? We feel that the best way to get to know any business is direct feedback from their customers. That is why we use GuildQuality to survey each and every one of our buyers after they’ve purchased an Ivey home. For five years in a row we have gotten top scores in customer satisfaction. Many builders will tell you that they have high satisfaction ratings, but our reviews are available online for anyone to see. Are theirs?



We, Mark and Matt Ivey, were introduced to the homebuilding industry in 1984 when our father, Jake Ivey, started building homes. While the opportunity was there to work for our father after college, we both felt it was important to establish ourselves independently and we had other aspirations at the time. Mark went on to be Vice President of a statewide engineering firm, while Matt became a Vice President for a multi-national real estate firm. While both brothers experienced success in their respective fields, the entrepreneurial bug they picked up from their father never left them. In 2004, Ivey Residential was formed.

When we started Ivey Residential, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We knew that with our name as part of the company, we did not want to be the lowest price per square foot builder. With the success we’d had prior to starting Ivey Residential, Mark’s civil engineering degree and Matt’s master’s in real estate, we felt like we could create a system and environment where we could offer a better home at a very competitive price while providing good personalization choices and options, and in a framework that made the process easier. Despite one of the worst housing recessions our country has ever seen, we’ve continued to do well. Take a look on our website and our live customer reviews and see for yourself what our buyers are saying about how we are doing and you’ll get a glimpse of how we’ve done better than just survive.

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