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Ways To Spread Cheer And Spend Less This Holiday

Categories: Home Decor, Tips | Posted: December 8, 2016

The holidays are all about spending time with good friends and loved ones. Whether you’re opening your Ivey home to guests or simply enjoying it with your family, there are a number of ways to surround yourself with the best parts of the season AND save money for more important things… like gifts!

Choosing a Bold Christmas Tree

You can get away with a smaller tree if it’s a less traditional color or tree type. The bolder the color, the more of an impact it makes, while costing less than a big evergreen. If your existing collection of Christmas ornaments isn’t enough, try a couple homemade ornaments for a personalized look. Also, stick to one vibrant color theme so they really pop!

Hanging a Festive Wreath

Wreaths can come in all different styles, sizes and materials, so it’s an easy do-it-yourself decoration. Gather natural elements from your yard or nearby park, or check out a sale at your local arts and crafts store. Hang it on the front door of your Ivey home to spread the cheer with neighbors and passersby!

Getting a Head Start on Gifts

Wrapping gifts is already on your to-do list, so why not start early and use them in your festive décor! Some colorful wrapping paper, ribbon and ornaments are a special touch for the eventual receiver, but can also add some cheer placed under your tree in the meantime! The dollar store has all the materials you need, and will help you stay on budget if you choose to add a couple faux presents as well!

Using Colors of the Season

If you stick with certain color schemes, you’ve got the making of a festive home, even if your décor isn’t specific to the holidays. Household items or natural elements in reds, greens, silvers, golds, blues and whites can help evoke the feeling of the holidays. Create homemade vignettes with ribbon, candles, pinecones, berries, and other low-cost or free items. Cover every inch of your Ivey home including mantles, tabletops, dressers, and more with your favorite colors of the season.

Incorporating Holiday Scents

What aromas remind you of the holidays? Hot chocolate, freshly baked cookies, pine needles, cinnamon… whatever it is, fill your home with it! Bake cookies with your family or create a hot chocolate bar for any guests who stop by. Use scented candles and air fresheners as an affordable way to fill your home with a feeling of the holidays!

Other Tips:

  • If you’re planning a party, co-host with a friend to cut costs in half!
  • Prepare dinners and meals in bulk to cut costs on ingredients and save energy. Plus, you’ll have leftovers to enjoy!
  • When shopping online, look for promo codes and compare prices. Also, take it slow! Some sites give discounts if customers leave stuff in their cart overnight.

You CAN enjoy the holidays and turn your Ivey home into a winter wonderland without breaking the bank. Whether it’s some DIY decorations or a few sensory touches, your family won’t want to spend the holidays anywhere else!

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Caroline Ashe

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