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Trick or Treat Survival Guide

Categories: Local Events, Tips, Uncategorized | Posted: October 30, 2017

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It’s that time of year again. The kiddos are all in their costumes, the neighbors have collected a bag or two of candy to hand out, and houses have turned into spooky, spider infested dwellings. Trick-or-Treating can be a daunting task if you are trying to wrangle your kids and make sure nobody has gone astray. Here are some helpful tips to make Halloween go smoothly:

  • Limit your territory to familiar streets and neighbors. Make it clear if certain areas or houses are off-limits. There’s advantages to trick-or-treating with a group: there’s safety in numbers, and it’s more fun!
  • This one is never popular, but don’t let kids sample their Halloween candy until you inspect them. To lessen the disappointment, serve up a fun, Halloween-themed meal first. How about a Worm Sandwich (hot dogs cut into squiggly strips, curled up on a bun)? Or Spaghetti and Eyeballs (with strategically-placed olives embedded into the meatballs)?
  • Beware of black cats and other nocturnal critters. Halloween, with its constantly ringing doorbells and throngs of people, can make even calm pets nervous. Advise your child to steer clear of pets they don’t know, and consider removing your own pet from all the action.
  • You know how it’s a bad idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach? It’s also a bad idea to go candy collecting on an empty stomach. If your child is starving, you are sure to lose the battles over not eating the sweets until you get home. A pregame pizza party is a super-fun way to ensure kids aren’t famished.
  • Remove anything on your front porch that may cause visitors to trip or fall.
  • Since the sun sets so early this time of year, plan a costume for your son or daughter that is bright and reflective. Or, place reflective tape on your child’s costume to make them more visible to cars. (Extra Tip: Glowsticks work great, too!)

Enjoy yourselves and have a Happy Halloween. Have pictures of family and/or friends in costumes in your Ivey Home? Tag @iveyhomes in your post!


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