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Top 3 Credit Mistakes When Buying a New Home

Categories: Blog, Home Ownership, Purchasing a New Home | Posted: November 8, 2019

mortgage, credit score, 3 credit mistake when buying a new home, Ivey HomesBy now we hope you know your credit score is the most important piece of buying a new home. Without a good credit score, you will not be offered the best loan programs or you could get denied altogether for a home loan. Before getting excited about the buying process do your homework about your credit score. We’ve put together the top 3 credit mistakes when buying a new home.



  1. Paying your bills late :: This mistake is weighted very heavily by mortgage lenders. Your payment history tells a story about how responsible you are with your current credit obligations. Even one late payment can delay a mortgage approval.
  2. Co-signing for a loan :: This could turn out badly for you if the person you co-signed the loan for is late making payments. Your credit is just as affected as theirs. While it may be hard to say no in the short term, in the long run, you will be glad you kept your credit out of a co-signing situation.
  3. Going on a shopping spree :: One of the exciting parts of buying a new home is purchasing furniture, appliances, decorations, etc, but wait until after you have closed on the new home. Running up credit cards or taking on new credit during the loan approval process is a huge DON’T! This can affect your debt to income ratio and depending on the lender’s guidelines, it could be a problem with your loan approval.


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