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Electric Vehicles Might Take Over By 2040

Categories: Blog, Energy Efficiency | Posted: September 21, 2017

home builders augusta gaAccording to a recent article from National Geographic, it is possible that electric cars will rule the roads by 2040. This time frame was calculated based on the time frame it took horse and buggies to disappear in the early 1900s. ” If EVs catch on as fast as the researchers project, it could reduce oil use by 21 million barrels a day and cut CO2 emissions 3.2 billion tons a year — equivalent to 60 percent of total U.S. emissions today”. Read the article here.

At Ivey Homes we are already gearing up for this movement by providing a 240 volt dedicated circuit in ALL of our garages. The state of Georgia is preparing for this transition as well, serving as an electric vehicle (EV) friendly state and a top-rated market nationwide for electric and plug-in vehicles. How soon do you think consumers will switch to electric?


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Caroline Ashe

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