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Don’t Be Tricked into Buying Old – Treat Yourself to Building New!

Categories: Build Your Home, Purchasing a New Home | Posted: October 16, 2020

The real estate market is hot right now and it continues to pick up as things slowly return to normal as we work our way through the pandemic. Because of this, many people are looking to sell and move into a new home but this brings up the question; should you build or buy an existing home? Here at Ivey Homes, we think the answer to that question is without a doubt BUILD, but if you need a little more convincing, read on to learn just a few reasons why it is more beneficial to build rather than buy old.

  • Less Maintenance/Warranty – A new home comes with many perks but one of the most important in the long run is that they are less maintenance! Before you move in, you can rest assured that your new home has been inspected in and out multiple times to ensure Ivey Quality! If that is not enough, every new Ivey Home comes with a new home warranty and with this we offer a handy Homeowner Warranty Portal that can be accessed at all times through
  • Energy Efficient – Older homes are not built to the energy efficient standards of today. New construction has tougher national codes to follow that in turn bring your energy bill down. On top of this, all Ivey homes are 100% ENERGY STAR Certified new homes which save on average 15-30% on monthly utility bills. Each Ivey Home is third-party rated and given a HERS Index Score that serves as the MPG for your new home. The lower the score the less you pay in energy bills!
  • Latest and Greatest Amenities – New communities not only have a beautiful curb-appeal but they also boast the latest and greatest amenities for you and your family to enjoy. From playgrounds, clubhouses and pools, to pickleball courts and fitness centers, you’re sure to find an activity to enjoy in your leisure. Remember, you aren’t just choosing a home for your family to grow, but you’re also choosing a community for your family to become a part of – choose wisely!
  • A Home that is YOU – Moving into an older home means moving into a home that was designed for someone else and while you can bring in a bit of your personality with décor and/or remodeling, the home will never be completely you. When you chose to build a new Ivey Home the choices are all yours when it comes to personalizing your new home! From choosing your floorplan and homesite to planning your trip to the the Ivey Homes Design Studio, the largest in the Savannah River Region, to choose finishes, paint color, lighting, flooring, etc – now is the time to make your new home a true reflection of you and your family. From the ground up, interior and exterior, your new home will be 100% YOU!

While older homes definitely come with their own charm, there are many reasons why building your next home is the best option! From energy bill savings to design selections, we’re sure you will love your new home. If you’d like to learn more about the Ivey Homes building process click here. And when you’re ready, contact us to get started on building your dream home!


Ivey Homes is a leading new home builder in Evans, Grovetown and Augusta, GA and North Augusta, SC, with home pricing ranging from the  $150,000’s to large basement new homes. For more information about living in or building a new home in Columbia County, Richmond County or Edgefield County, visit! Connect with us on our Facebook page and Text: IVEY to: 77848 for convenient updates.

I’m ready to build a new home, now what?

Categories: Blog, New Homes in Augusta, New homes in Evans, New Homes in Grovetown, Purchasing a New Home | Posted: August 18, 2020

building a new homeIt is mid-year (well, really a little past mid-year) and you are seriously thinking about building a new home. The used home market is picked over and you are really not interested in buying someone else’s home problems. Now building a new home becomes an exciting consideration, but where do you start?



Ivey Homes has a proven process to build your home your way. We have the perfect mix of process-driven construction and homebuyer personalization options. The steps to building a new home go something like this;

  • Take an individual inventory of features and aspects you want in your new home. What do you like and dislike about your current home? Building from the ground up gives you so many more options!
  • What area of town do you want to live in? The sticks and bricks of a house are just one part of what makes a home… what do you want in a community?
  • Next up is visiting an Ivey community to meet with one of our dedicated Community Sales Associates. These team members are experts in their communities and the Ivey process. They can also connect you with Approved Lenders to get that part of the process started.
  • At your community tour start really narrowing down your wants for a community. Once you decide on a neighborhood that suits you best, it is time for homesite selection!
  • Selecting a homesite just for your new home is a special experience. This is where you will stake your claim on the American Dream. Cheezy? Not at all, it is what you’ve worked so hard for, live it up!
  • Sometimes the floor plan selection and homesite can happen at the same time. You may have done your research and know what plan you see yourself in, that is ok!
  • Once your homesite and floor plan are chosen, it is time to “build” your home on paper with all the options and features you are wanting in your brand new Ivey home! Remember there may be some compromise depending on your budget, that is ok too. Suggestion… build in the larger items that cannot be easily changed at a later date and compromise on the smaller items to keep yourself on budget.
  • Once pricing and options are selected it is time to contract! Eek, you are making it official!
  • After the contract is signed, it is on to the Design Studio Appointment. Get ready, this is homebuyer’s FAVORITE part in the process. Our in-house Design Consultant will walk you through colors, finished, and the details of your new home. All of this happens in the largest Design Studio in the area!

These steps can happen in a few days or a few weeks, but the Ivey Homes team from sales to construction are ready to help make your dream new home a reality! Let’s get started!

To set up your one on one appointment with a Community Sales Associate, please CONTACT US online or call 706-868-9363. (we are working by appointment only)


Ivey Homes is a leading new home builder in Evans, Grovetown, and Augusta, GA and McCormick, SC, with home pricing ranging from the  $150,000’s to large homes. For more information about living in or building a new home in Columbia County, Richmond County or McCormick County, visit! Connect with us on our Facebook page and Text: IVEY to: 77848 for convenient updates.