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Color Trends for Your Home in 2020

Categories: DIY Designing, Home Decor, Home Ownership | Posted: June 22, 2020


From eye-catching bright, bold hues to cool tones to convey a contemporary look, color is the cornerstone of home design. Each year, the leading paint manufacturers announce their most inspiring color and color palettes of the year. Colors that conjure up a sense of calm dominated the choices this year. If you’re interested in adding a splash of soothing colors to your home, you may want to add one or more of these popular hues into the mix.

  • Classic Blue. This timeless hue was selected as the Pantone color of the year. The classic blue is as simple as the name implies. Color trend analysts at Pantone say classic blue “brings a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit.” Not to be outdone, ‘Naval SW’ was the top choice from Sherwin-Williams as a “rich navy that creates a calm and grounding environment.” A blue hue was also a hit among PPG paint global color experts who selected Chinese Porcelain as the standout this year. Colorists describe the choice as blend of “cobalt and moody, ink blue that imparts calmness and restful sleep…”
  • Back to Nature. Similar to the serenity of classic blue, Behr selected a ‘Back to Nature’ theme for inspiration this year. The unfussy palette was taken from “natural elements such as sky, earth, water and plant life.” An array of colors with names like Light Drizzle, Secret Meadow and Dragonfly invites elements of the physical world into your home. Dunn Edwards also took a cue from nature with ‘Minty Fresh’ as the color of the year. This cool and calming shade of green is described by Dunn Edwards as garden inspired from “grasses to mints.”
  • First Light. This is the pick of the year for Benjamin Moore. While the name itself is a bit mysterious, once you actually see the soft rosy color you may understand why this soft pink-like hue was the first pick. Benjamin Moore describes the choice as “A fresh palette, a revitalized spirit…the backdrop for a bright new decade.”
  • A Bit of Everything. While not the official name of Valspar’s colors of the year, a bit of everything is the best way to describe its selection. Similar to the other leading paint manufactures, nature, tranquility and warmth are obvious themes for Valspar’s palette picks for 2020. Colors like Canyon Earth, Bombay Pink, Utterly Blue and Mint Whisper are sure to bring a slice of serenity into your home.

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Are She Sheds The New Man Cave?

Categories: Blog, DIY Designing, Tips | Posted: August 1, 2017

The newest trend in backyards allows women to take a retreat without even getting in their cars. Enter the She Shed. Think of a backyard version of the Man Cave. She sheds can be created from neglected storage spaces in the backyard or from the She Shed Kit available from sites such as Wayfair. Here are some inspirational pictures for your new backyard oasis:







And here are even more inspirational galleries of She Sheds:


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