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15 Lawn & Garden Tools Your Ivey Home Shouldn’t Be Without

Categories: Blog, Home Decor, Home Ownership, Tips | Posted: March 16, 2017

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a veteran, certain tools and equipment are necessary for taking care of your landscape. From lawn maintenance to varying levels of flower/shrub/tree care, there are basic garden tools your Ivey home should always have.




  1. Leaf rake – For removing leaves & debris from lawns & gardens. Your constant companion once the leaves start falling in October.
  1. Garden rake – For breaking up and spreading soil in a larger space.
  1. Shovel – For digging large holes, and moving soil, sand, gravel or mulch.
  1. Trowel – Small hand tool for loosening soil and digging holes.
  1. Fork – Long-handled tool for turning soil, and lifting or spreading material.
  1. Pruners – Tool for cutting small branches, large flowers. Make sure they fit comfortably in your hand.
  1. Loppers – Long-handled tool for cutting larger branches.
  1. Scissors/Snips – Perfect for cutting small flowers & herbs, or deadheading.
  1. Gloves – Protection for your hands & arms. Come in many sizes, shapes and materials.
  1. Wheelbarrow/Hand truck – Invaluable for carting large bags of soil or mulch, or anything else that is heavy, cumbersome or may throw out your back.
  1. Hose & sprinkler – Absolutely necessary for watering plants & grass.
  1. Lawn mower – Depending on the size of the lawn, may be as small as a push mower or as large as a tractor. Not necessary if you have a lawn service.
  1. Weed whacker – Good for hard-to-reach spots. Make sure it’s not too heavy.
  1. Outdoor broom – Just the thing for cleaning up dirt, leaves and other debris on hard surfaces.
  1. Snow shovel – When you live in a snow zone, a good shovel is vital for outdoor living.


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Caroline Ashe

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