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Home Buyer Guide

Selecting A Home

Selecting a home is a delicate balance between wants, needs and budget. The first step in selecting a home is determining your budget. The surest way to know how much you are qualified for is to meet with one of our preferred lenders. You can also start with our mortgage calculator to determine your payments based on sales price, down payment and estimated taxes and insurance.

Once you have your budget determined it is time to shop for your new home. You’ll have to make decisions on:

1) Brand New vs. Used. Some of the benefits to buying a brand new home are:
a. Warranty
b. More Energy Efficient
c. Contemporary Floor Plan
d. Personalization, and
e. No one else’s toe nails in the carpet.

2) Builder. Here are some things to consider when choosing your builder:
a. How long have they been in business?
b. How many homes have they built?
c. Customer Service. Everyone says they offer great customer service, but how is this measured? Any third party certifications? Will the builder let you talk to a random sample of home buyers?
d. Energy Efficiency. Do they get any third party certifications on the energy efficiency? How do their homes stack up to code built homes?
e. Quality of construction. Are the doors, windows, floor coverings and building materials of good quality? Adequate attention to detail? Are appliances and fixtures a brand name you trust?
f. Personalization. Does the builder give you adequate choices to personalize your home? Does the builder have a designer and design center to help with your selections?
g. Financing. Does the builder have preferred lenders with good finance options that are right for you?

3) Community. When visiting a new home community, here are some things to look for:
a. Is the neighborhood well maintained?
b. What amenities do they have?
c. What would your commute be like from here?
d. Is there a good mixture of styles, colors and floor plans in the neighborhood?

4) Picking the Right Home.
a. Design and Layout. Does the floor plan flow nicely? Does the layout accommodate your day to day activities?
b. Appearance from the street. How does it look compared to surrounding homes?
c. Get to know the home site. How does the sun rise and set? Where are the property pins? What will be built around you?
d. What is your time frame? Can you build a new home from ground up, or does one of the builder’s inventory homes work better?

Come by one of our Ivey communities today and see for yourself how we stack up.